A changing world means changing how we relate and behave toward one another. That which was acceptable yesterday may no longer be acceptable today. This course in intended to introduce basic concepts of society's current interpretation of workplace violence and harassment and how organizations might adopt those principles and eliminate these damaging behaviours from the workplace.

This course will introduce and define terms associated with workplace violence and harassment. Employers will be shown the necessary structure and elements of a Workplace Violence and Harassment program. It will also set out what workers need to understand about how to identify, report on and control undesirable behaviours in the workplace.

50 minute average runtime

Everyone in an organization that is required to abide by policies relating to workplace violence and harassment. This would include workers, frontline supervisors, managers and program administrators.

Worplace Violence & Harassment training course modules

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should understand:

  • The legal definition of the terms: violence and harassment
  • The consequences of unaddressed inappropriate behaviours
  • The scope of the problem in society
  • The type and sources of workplace violence
  • What does and does not constitute workplace harassment
  • The significance of a workplace violence and harassment policy statement
  • The elements of the workplace violence and harassment program
  • How workplace risks are anticipated
  • How identified risks might be controlled
  • Protocols for reporting, investigating and reviewing incidents
  • How to identify possible early warning signs of aberrant behaviour

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